Help please


Im starting a Peter Pan baby blanket and the 1st line is P2, yb, Sl1p, yfwd, k1, psso both stitches.
if I yb how can I then Sl1p, then yfwd but K1. Im getting confused where my wool should be before the stitch. And how many stitches should I be left with 2? or 4
Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum!
Here’s a video for slip 1 purlwise. This is worked regardless of where the yarn is, in front or in back.

For your pattern, p2, take the yarn to the back between the needles, slip 1 purlwise, then bring the yarn between the needles to the front and over the right needle to the back (this is a yarn over) to knit the next stitch. Finally pass the slipped stitch over both the yarn over and the knit stitch.


Many thanks for your help. I’ll try my best