Help please


What does it mean when pattern says" increase 1st into pattern at each end of next row, then every 4th row… What is the next row


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The pattern gives you directions for the first, second and third rows. The next row is row 4 (which will be a repeat of row 1). Increases at each end of row 4 and then rows 8,12,16, 20 etc for however many increases are required for the size you’re making or until you have the given stitch count for your size.


Thank u so much… I get it… This is my 1st jersey I’m knitting… I’m also struggling with the front piece… I’m struggling where they say Shape V,-neck… Can u please explain that to me…


This is the right front (as you would wear the sweater). I assume WSF means wrong side facing meaning the inside or private side of the sweater as opposed to the right side (RS) or public side is facing you. Work across in pattern to the last 2sts, then knit or purl 2 together. The sts will be decreased at the neck edge. Work the RS in pattern and then repeat these 2 rows for the given number of times or until you have the correct number of sts for your size.

Good for you for working on your first sweater! Enjoy knitting it.


So I must just knit in pattern and only decrease every wrong side row…


Yes, that’s it exactly.



Thank you for the photo. It’s always fun to see what’s on the needles.