Help please!

I just saw a book at Joanns and almost bought it but didn’t… Now I wish I had. It’s called “Fair Isle Knitting Made Simple”. I tried to do a search online for it but nothing comes up. :crying: Does anyone have this book and do I have the title exactly right?? Who is the author?? Thanks so much. The book looked WAY beyond my abilities but I think I would have enjoyed looking at it and reading it anyway. :smiley: Thanks.

Not sure if this is the one you saw, but it’s an excellent book:

Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified

Julie, YES that’s the book!! It really is eye candy!! I will try and order it as soon as I can. Thanks again. :happydance:

I bought this book for $5 last week at Hobby Lobby in the sale bin.

I have another pamphlet from Philosophers Wool, on socks, I think its called Sock Hop. Anyway my kids love for me to read the intros to them because he tells of how they got into sheep ranching. Real interesting.

:smiley: WOW, you are lucky…nice find for $5.00!!!

I love the fair isle video @ the Philosophers Wool site, too :thumbsup: