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OK, follow that direction for row 1
Row 1: K3, P4, (K4 P4) 5 times, K18, (P4 K4) 5 times P4,K3.
Row 3: K2, P4, (K4 P4) 5 times, K20, (P4 K4) 5 times P4,K2
Row 5: K1, P4, (K4 P4) 5 times, K22, (P4 K4) 5 times P4,K1.
Row 7: K0, P4, (K4 P4) 5 times, K24, (P4 K4) 5 times P4,K0.
Row 9: K0, P3, (K4 P4) 5 times, K26, (P4 K4) 5 times P3,K0.
The zeros are just there to keep the columns aligned. If it says K0, skip directly to the purl sts.

The number of sts in the row stays the same but the pattern shifts. On the even rows, knit the sts as the appear (knit the Vs and purl the bumps). Markers may help even if you have to shift them every 2 rows.


Thanks again…
i also have a row 7 and 9… please can you let me know like above how to follow thease two rows also.


I really cannot thank you enough for your help…
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May i get back to you to help with the front of the cardigan. ?


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