help please

I have compleated my pattern as stated by knitting 10 rows . which is the pattern…
the next part printed … which i don’t understand says
working 2 sts more in centre stocking stitch and moving 4x4 rib 1 st over towards side edges on next and every foll alt row proceed as follows… work 64 rows more .
The part where it says working two more sts is the part i dont get.

I should of added when you knit the 10 rows of pattern .
it states the first to 10th row sets position of diagonal rib patt and centre stocking stitch panel…

What is the name of the pattern?

At a guess, the center stockinette area is shifting over one stitch at each edge like an inverted triangle. The 4x4 rib is shifting over one stitch toward the side edge. But that’s really a guess. Having a look at a photo or the pattern name will help enormously.

hello again and thankyou for your reply…
the pattern states working two stitches more in centre stocking stitch and moving 4x4 rib one stitch over towards side edges on next and ever foll alt row…
the pattern is… sirdar cotton DK 7084.

OK, yes, the center stockinette pattern is going to take up one more stitch on each edge every other row. You can see the inverted triangle in the photo.
At the same time the rib will shift over one stitch at each side every other row.

You can see it in the 2nd photo on this project.

How do i make this stitch… i have no clue what i need to do

You’re won’t be making a stitch, i.e. increasing. You’ll be changing a purl stitch from the ribbing into a knit stitch for the center stockinette.
So if the ribbing is k2, p2, k2, p2, k20, p2, k2, p2, k2, you’ll work the row as
k2, p2, k2, p1, k22, p1, k2, p2, k2,

i dont really understand this… so sorry

my first row is K3 P4. ( K4 P4) 5 times,K18, ( P4 K4) 5 times, P4, K3…
so what do i need to do please

oh i think the penny has dropped but please would you help me more

so on the 5th ( k4 p4) i would p3 , k 20, p3 ,k4… is this correct please

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Yes, you’ve worked it out!

with your great help … many thanks
may i tell you my next row just to check with you please


my next alternating row is as follows…
(K4 P4) ,K20,P4 K4
so i would need to P3 ,K22 ,P3

k4, p4 , k 18, p4 ,k4
k4, p3 , k 20, p3 ,k4
k4, p2 , k 22, p2 ,k4

The center stockinette is going to increase by 2 by replacing the sts on either side. So the purl sts will dec on every other row at the same time.

I do appreciate your help… thankyou so much xx

I have completed the first row by moving over like you said .
do i complete my second row exactly like it instructs on the pattern ?
then move over again on the third.
then exactly the same as th pattern reads for the fouth row.
etc etc

I’ve looked closely at the Ravelry project and it seems that the ribbing rows also shift. So rather than the purl sts decreasing at the edges of the center stockinette as I posted, they too should shift over. I’m really sorry I didn’t notice that sooner.

That means that the rows become:
k4, p4, k4, p4,…k4, p4 , k 18, p4 ,k4,…p4, k4, p4, k4
k3, p4, k4, p4,…k4, p4, k 20, p4 ,k4…p4, k4, p4, k3
k2, p4, k4, p4…k4, p4, k 22, p4 ,k4…p4, k4, p4, k2

Yes, the even rows maintain the new pattern and then the odd rows shift the pattern. I do apologize for my mistake.

no worries i appreciate your help like i said…
so my first row reading from the pattern is printed as follows…
K3, P4, (K4 P4) 5 times, K18, (P4 K4) 5 times P4,K3.

please type what i i need to do for this first row… xx
many thanks