HELP please

Hi everyone :blush: Can anyone help me locate or even identify this wool? I thought it was bubblegum or candy floss but it isn’t either! Id really love to make a blanket for my baby girl :heartpulse:! image

There are thousands of different yarns so it would really be impossible based on a picture. Sorry. You might just yarn sites like Knitpicks,, Little knits, etc to find some nice pastels.

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As Jan has said there are far too many to be able to say which one is used in your photo. It will also depend on where you are, here in the UK there are many rainbow,pastel rainbow, baby rainbow yarns to choose from. Most are acrylic like King Cole Melody, Cygnet Kiddies Kaleidoscope,JCBrett Baby Marble and Rico Baby so soft/ baby dream. The lists go on and on lol :smile:


I found this pattern on ravelry and this lady’s project is very close to your photo
I think it will be lovely in any of the baby rainbow yarns which are available or if you used a selection of baby pastel yarns and, as it’s entrelac, it will be very easy to make something similar. Good luck with it :grinning:

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That’s brilliant thank you all that blanket is exact! Unfortunately the yarn used is discontinued (typical)!! Does anyone no a dupe similar in colours? image

The Kiddies Kaleidoscope 262 Sherbet Dip is lovely,as is the J C Brett Baby Marble. Both of these are DK, though the pattern is for DK weight anyway - not that it matters much with a blanket. Have you thought about a yarn cake in aran or worsted, there are many different brands available and the colour changes would work really well with entrelac.
Happy searching :grin:

Thank you so much the sherbet dip is perfect!

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