Help please!

Can anyone help? I don’t know what happened here and can’t figure out how to fix it. It looks like I dropped more than one stitch or something but I have no clue. I’m pretty new to knitting and I surely don’t want this to mess up my project!

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It’s a little difficult to tell from the photo but all the sts appear to be there. It looks like the space between 2 sts has gotten stretched out. Can you post a photo of the other side, lying flat?
How many sts did you cast on and how many do you have on the needle now?

I don’t see a dropped stitch anywhere in that photo. Like salmonmac says, check the number of stitches you have left and compare to the number you started with, then come back and tell us if they’re different. If they’re the same, keep going, you’re doing well!


If I continue knitting as normal this is what it looks like…

And I started from the corner so i have just been increasing

Very nice knitting, very even. What looked like missing sts was just a stretched out section between sts. The stretched yarn will work its way into the adjoining sts. On the last purl row, there’s a stitch that may have been inadvertently skipped. You can fix that if you want when you get to that column of sts. (see yellow mark on photo)

One thing I notice is that every other row of your knitting is made of twisted sts (blue dots on some rows). Is that deliberately done? It can happen on knit rows when you knit into the back of the stitch or when you wrap the yarn around the front rather than around the back. Nothing wrong with doing that so long as it’s your intention.

Hm ok and I don’t think it realize I’m doing it lol I think that when I’m doing the purl stitch and switching to knitting every other, it does seem to be more difficult so maybe I’m kinda doing it wrong ? I’m not sure haha I’ve only been knitting for maybe two months or so! I took a couple rows out to see, let me try to go back and if I get back to there I’ll take another pic to see what needs to be fixed

Here’s a video that may help:

And a video for twisted purl sts.

(You may hold your yarn differently but the point of going around clockwise still holds.)

Ahhh yes ok! So I need to knit it in the back after I did a row of purl. Makes sense. It was always difficult and I didn’t know what to do thanks!

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