Help, please! Work even for 3 rows? Work even for 35 rows?

I’m working on a lacy sampler scarf and have gathered from some research that to work even means to continue the pattern with no increases or decreases. Even still, I can’t figure out how to do this: “Change to Eyelet Pattern. Work even for 3 rows, dec 2 sts on last row.”

The Eyelet Pattern I am doing consists of only 3 rows. Row 1 is knit, Row 2 is P1, *yo,p2tog; rep from * to end, Row 3 is knit. Do I do three repeats of the pattern and decrease 2 in the last row of the 3? Does it matter how I do the decrease?

The pattern then says to change to Flame Chevron (a 24 row pattern) and work even for 35 rows.

Thanks so much for any help!

for the Eyelet Pattern, you should decrease on the 3rd row, the knit row. Space the decreases out evenly in the pattern.
For the Flame Chevron, work rows 1-24 and then repeat the first 11 rows.

Thanks so much! Just to make sure I have it, change to diamond mesh (20 row pattern). Work even for 37 rows. I’ll work 1-20 and repeat 17 rows?

Yes, that’s correct. If there’s a chart for these patterns you might also check that some of the chart isn’t boxed in to show you a repeat. If not, just repeat from row 1. It sounds like a fabulous scarf that will be lots of fun to knit. Enjoy!