Help please with sock pattern

As you can see from my siggie, I’m extremely proud that I:

  1. Knit my first pair of socks and
  2. Knit them for ME!

So I bought some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in order to make a pair for my DD, age 8. I downloaded a pattern from the Moda Dea website but something is confusing me.

When I get to the part where I divide for the heel, it says to cut the yarn. On my first socks (pattern provided at the sock class at my LYS) I just continued on with the yarn after dividing for the heel. I’m wondering why it’s necessary to cut and not just knit on. Can anyone help explain this to me? I’d sure appreciate it. :cool:

can you link the pattern so we can see?

You Betcha.

I seriously think that this is a “trust the pattern” deal…

you are cutting the yarn and then making the heel flap, and then somehow (can’t tell from reading it), picking it all back up again and continuing…

are the gussets seamed? I had to do a Christmas stocking that was done in this matter…where the gussets were seamed after the sock was made.

Yes, I’m sure you’re right. As a beginning knitter I shouldn’t be so quick to question the pattern but just dive right in and get 'er done. I’m sure it will all make sense in the end. I have a nice sock basics book on my holiday wishlist…along with about 3000 other knitting supplies… Thank you HeatherFeather.

Questioning the pattern can sometimes be useful, since there are occasionally mistakes :wink: Still, I don’t think this is one – it’s having you cut the yarn because you’ve got a needle with 10 stitches from the previous round and 12 stitches from the next round, which means your working yarn is smack in the middle of the heel, rather than being at the end of the needle. So you have to stop that yarn and start fresh, for doing the heel flap – it’s kind of odd that they did it that way, rather than starting everything so that the heel flap naturally falls at the edge of a needle :oo:

Isbeau, I agree. It’s odd to cut the yarn. I’d strongly prefer just to work across the stitches to the edge for the heel flap.

I’m very aware of any knots put into a sock - especially below the ankle. Blisters are not fun and should be avoided whenever reasonably possible. Cutting - tying-off - tying back on in a new place gives you 2 knots. Not just one.

But I’ve knitted socks since childhood… CindyS is new to the project. So by all means, follow this one particular pattern. But do be aware that it’s not the norm for knitting quality, long-lasting socks.

BTW, CindyS, good for you for conquering sock-knitting! You are hereby officially deemed… no longer a beginning knitter!

Long Knit CindyS - Knitter Extraordinaire! :yay:


Oh Dot, you make me blush this morning. Thank you so much. I’ve only been knitting since July so I still feel VERY much a beginner. But I did enjoy learning the sock pattern…I think I may just use the pattern from my class again rather than risk blisters from knotted or woven-in strands in my dd’s socks.