Help-please with Fan Kimono from Knit Kimono (vicki square)

i am starting the fan kimono and i am a little confused by the starting instructions. The pattern says cast on 93; p 1 row; next row, knit 1st & last st….but it also seems to say knit the second stitch, then work pattern over 90 stitches…doesn’t say which row…row 1 maybe?

Then for Row 3 says begin working pattern rows 1-18. So, i could be working pattern row 1 twice? if i purl first row; next row knit first, second (tbl) and last but knit sts 3-92 in pattern row 1? then start with pattern row 1 on the actual row 3?

i saw a forum about this pattern where others were having trouble with it the same thing and one of the guys (yeah, men who knit) said he found out the hard way that you had to read the pattern Right to Left, then Left to Right, then Right to Left, etc. This is alarming, i have always read charts Right to Left for all rows.

Has anyone made this kimono? It is stunning!

Hi there! In the pattern, before the instructions for casting on, etc. even start, are there instruction for pattern rows 1-18? Sometimes when there is a complex pattern within your pattern, they will list it at the very beginning.

If the pattern is online, can you post a link? That would help us to help you get this figured out. :slight_smile:


About reading charts-- you read right to left on every row if you are knitting in the round; otherwise it’s like you said. Here’s some information: