Help please with cowl pattern?

Hello, I am stuck at the highlighted piece below, it doesn’t make sense to me how this will create ribbing? Am I supposed to do K2/P2 each row (after garter st) or reverse to P2/K2 every other row?
Any help would be fantastic!

NECK WARMER: Worked back and forth on circular needle, beg at bottom edge. Cast on 85 sts on circular needle size 10 mm / US 15 with Polaris. Insert 9 markers in piece as follows; first marker after 7th st, and then 1 marker after every 9th st = 6 sts left after the last marker. Continue in GARTER ST – see above. When piece measures 3 cm / 1 1/8’’ dec 1 st to the right of all markers by K2 tog (= 9 dec sts per row). Repeat the dec to the left and to the right alternately of all markers on every other row a total of 5 times = 40 sts. When piece measures 11 cm / 4 3/8’’ [B][I][I]Continue in rib on next row from RS as follows: 3 garter sts, rib K2/P2 until 5 sts remain, finish with K2, and 3 garter sts. Continue in rib and garter st until piece measures 24 cm / 9½’’[/I][/I][/B]. Bind off with K over K and P over P.

My brain doesn’t want to process the pattern right now. If you do 3 knits sat each end of each row and knit the knits and purl the purls in between you’ll have rib with a garter border. HTH

You’re going to continue the cowl in k2p2 rib with 3 sts at each end in garter stitch. Yes, on the opposite side, you’ll do p2k2 ending with p2 in order to maintain the rib pattern. (As GG said, knit the Vs and purl the bumps.)

Very good, thank you both!!