Help please with circular v dpn's

I’m still a novice (will be for some time) and i need help.

i’ve got one of those Desnise interchangable needle sets and it’s lovely, but i don’t think i can make them into dpn’s unfortunately, (if you know better, then please tell me how)

so when making a hat on a circular needle, do i need to change to dpn’s?
is it just a size thing in that when you start to decrease at the top of the hat, the circular needles will be too big so you have to change to something else?

do i have to go out and buy some dpn’s as well?


You don’t need to buy DPNs as well. You can either use the Magic Loop method or 2 circs method for the top of your har, or any circular knitting! There are video tutorials on this website for both techniques :slight_smile:

and another:

I don’t think the Denise cables will be thin & flexible enough for magic loop, but the 2 circ method will work just fine - I use it often w/my Denise set.

you are all absolute stars of the highest.
i have watched all the videos and although they look complicated, i will look at them again when i start to decrease on the hat to refresh my memory.
The youtube lady is pretty good.

i think the working with two circular needles will be best for me because as you have mentioned the cords inbetween the two ends don’t seem very flexible, so do you have any tips on at which point i should introduce the second circular, or is it just a case of introduce it when the stitches don’t really fit on the one circular needle.


I would introduce it just before you start decreasing, then there’s less to be confused about! Try and put the same amount of stiches on each needle if you can. I recently tried converting one circ to two and put a different number on one needle and ended up making a few mistakes.

I’ve done it, i’ve successfully finished a hat on round needles, swapping to two round needles as i decreased (boy was that complicated, but i’ve got it now), and it looked lovely, really sweet, but, it was too wide for my youngest, far too wide, (CO 88 st)
So after taking a photo of it, i’ve unravelled it and i’ve started again and this time i’ve done ribbing at the bottom and have changed to knit now but haven’t got to the decrease stage yet.

Trouble with me is, i’m not very good at sticking to the rules, i keep taking a bit from this pattern and a different bit from a different pattern, that’s why they don’t come out according to the pattern.

I guess i will learn the hard way.


That’s how I knit all the time; I cobble together elements from 2 or 3 patterns. Just use one for the basic size/shape you need, then take stitch patterns from others.

oh i’m glad you do the same.

I have to say, i love knitting, i cannot believe that it has taken me 39 years to get here, well i guess not quite 39 cos i wouldn’t have been able to knit until i was at a guess 7/8, but it seems crazy that it’s only now i’m into it.
I love it.

I’ve always loved sewing, but this is just so transportable and wonderful.


I’m glad you were able to get the help! And welcome to the site! I was going to add that dpn’s really aren’t that hard, but it seems you worked out fine anyway! When you do decide to make something on dpn’s, come get support here! I was soooo afraid of them, but now I love them!:yay:

I had to learn DPNs because I was too impatient to wait on a project til I could get another circular (I bought the DPNs to use as cable needles and I love them for that).

It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, though naturally, my first project had so many “ladders”… lol I’ve got it down pat now (I think!)

Now I use the 2 Circ method and that’s my absolute favorite. It looks complicated, but really it’s very easy to get used to. I got the chance to show 2 experienced knitters who were afraid of them how to do it and they caught right on.

I get the concept of Magic Looping, but it looks like too much needle movement and not enough knitting for me. I’m sure one day I’ll try it out and love it, but for now I need simple!