Help Please........ turn sl1 help needed

My pattern says knit 36 turn sl1 pattern to end … thats fine or so I thought I did it but I dont know how Im slipping the stitch because it created holes in it. So then I tried slipping it the other way and then it just made the whole thing look a mess some big holes some little ones so Ive unpulled it again and hoping one of you kind people can tell me what to do.

P.S. the next stitch after the slipped one is always going to be a knit stitch if that helps.

Thanking you in advance

It’s probably going to leave a hole because it sounds like you’re doing short rows and you turned before the end of the row. It should fill in when you’re done with this section and doing full rows again. Slip the st as if you were going to purl with the yarn in back for the next knit stitch.

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

Yes it is short rows, you are so right.

there is the link to the pattern in case anyone is interested