Help !!! Please trying to make a pattern larger

Hi there I am new to knitting and I found a pattern of a baby ugg type bootie and they are turning out but I have friends asking me if I can make them in a size 6 for their toddlers and I don’t know how to adjust the pattern , is there a certain method or way I can do this ?? If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it !!,2025,DIY_14141_3148516,00.html

It would be complicated to re-write this pattern without test knitting it. You may be able to see ways to enlarge the foot while you’re knitting the current ones.
It might be better to look for a larger size slipper or bootee pattern and then use the colors of a typical ugg boot. bootees

The pattern would have to be rewritten to do it properly, but you might be able to use 2 yarns held together and a larger needle. Or maybe bulkier yarn. There are other patterns that might work although they won’t look exactly the same.

“Note: Directions are the same for both sizes. For the smaller size use the size 4 and 5 needles; to make the larger size use size 5 and 6 needles.” If there was a certain amount of stitches to cast on for the different sizes the solution would be easy. You can try trial and error for the size increase or look for a pattern with the size you want.