Help Please: sweater pattern question

I bought a couple of pattern books online from Amazon Marketplace because I… Because I’m weak and had to order them. :aww:
Anyway, the pattern for a sweater that I have chosen to use as my very first ever sweater has me boggled as I attempt to read through. The part that baffles me is:
Raglan Shaping: Keeping cont. of pattern, bind off 7 sts beg next 2 rows
Then the next two rows are written out. It’s the part about “keeping cont of pattern” and binding off stitches. I know it’s all about shaping, I just can’t get past the keeping cont. of pattern part.
Any help will be appreciated!

First, it’s almost always a mistake to try and read a pattern before working it. For myself, it NEVER makes sense and always confuses me. But when I go row by row, step by step, all my confusion usually gets worked out.

That said, I think “Keeping cont of pattern” is someone’s shortcut to say, Keeping the continuity of the pattern stitch. This sounds like when you’re binding off for the shoulders - or possibly armholes.

You can do this! We’ll get you through your first sweater with flying colors.

Just start knitting and do the best you can.


i.e. If you’re working ribbing, keep ribbing the stitches you bind off. If you’re working seed stitch, stick to that. etc…

Thanks for the replies you two. :slight_smile:

Let’s make sure I understand how this is gonna work: I’ll bind off the first seven stitches of the next two rows in the ways that go with whatever type of stitch I’m looking at for each stitch.

This’ll be fun. I’ve never done much of the different kinds of bind offs.

By the time you get to the bind-offs you’ll be so familiar with your pattern that it’ll be easy to continue.

With raglans, you bind off for the armhole and then do the raglan shaping to make the edges look like this / . Since you’ll be decreasing all the way up to the neck, you’ll have to keep your pattern going there, too.

Terrified now! This is my first real shaping project. One where it actually matters anyway.

Deeeeeep breath! You’ll get through it and be so proud!:grphug: