Help please! Stuck on bootees :(

Hi all,

I’m knitting my first ever pair of baby bootees for a friend, thinking ‘how hard can it be?’ and now I’m stuck!

I’m doing the Debbie Bliss baby booties (p94 of Blankets, Bears and Bootees - UK version). I’m on the ‘Shape instep’ section, about half way through and the next step just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve even tried it and had to give up. It says:

“With RS facing, rejoin yarn at base of instep, pick up and k13 sts evenly along side of instep, k across centre 8 sts, then pick up and k13 sts evenly along other side of instep, k rem 13 sts.”

First problem is that this seems to be asking me to knit along 3 sides of the rectangular instep, so that all stitches on all sides end up on one needle, which just feels completely wrong - it gets super tight and strains the top of the bootee, so I can’t believe this is correct. I’ve attached a pic of the ‘T-shaped’ piece I currently have - nb, for the pic, I removed the left hand needle from the 8 toe stitches, but technically these are still supposed to be on the needle.

Next issue is, what does it mean by ‘rem 13 sts’? The instep is already 24 rows long, and I’m only picking up 13 stitches on each side, plus the 8 stitches at the toe, so what on earth does it mean by remaining 13 stitches? I’m so confused!

Has anyone else made these bootees who is able to advise or make it a bit clearer what is meant? Otherwise it’s going to be an unravelling job and I’ll have to find another pattern :frowning:

Thanks so much in advance!


Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
As weird as the directions may sound, you’ve hit on exactly what the pattern is telling you to do. Pick up along the right edge of the instep, knit the 8 toe sts and then pick up 13sts along the other edge of the instep. Finally knit the stitches that are held on the needle at the very left side in your picture. it may seems a little tight on the first row but should loosen up after that.
This is not a very unusual method for knitting booties. They look great so far and in a very good color.