Help please! Stocking pattern, short rows

I’m making a Christmas stocking and I’m so confused. I got to the heel and completed the wrap and turn rows. Now I’m ready to pick up the wraps. I have the wrap stitches on both needles with 10 worked stitches in the middle. When I knit 11 and then the wrap, do I turn my work then or do I just plain knit the rest of the wrapped stitches? If I turn it, my working yarn is on the wrong needle. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this so maybe I did it completely wrong? I uploaded a screenshot of the heel part of the pattern I’m working on. Any advice is welcome. I’m trying to get 2 done for Christmas for my boys.
Screenshot_20211119-100555_Acrobat for Samsung|540x1200

I’ve always slipped the first stitch after the turn as in this video. That then shifts the working yarn along with the slip stitch to the right hand needle.

Yes!!! Thank you! This video is very helpful. I’ve tried YouTube but didn’t know exactly what I was looking for so didn’t find one that looked like what I was doing. Slipping the stitch makes sense, I will do that. Thanks again!!! :blush: