Help please! Sirdar 4643

I’m trying to knit the short sleeves for this cardigan (in the 3rd size, age 1-2). The rest of the cardigan has had a 12 row repeating pattern to create a lacy effect. According to the picture, the sleeves should look the same. However, this bit of the pattern only has a 2 row repeating pattern, row 1 complicated, then row 2 is just purling back along.

I’ve clearly done something wrong, because I’m not getting the right pattern coming out in the sleeve. In the section ‘shape sleeve top’ it says:
“Cast off 2 sts in patt at beg of next 14 rows.”

I cast off 2, then started at the 4th stitch of the 1st row pattern, then continued to the end of the row. Then in the next row I cast off 2 then purled back along the row to the end. The next row I cast off 2 then started from stitch 6 of the 1st row pattern. Etc etc etc.

What am I doing wrong?

Should I cast off 2 then just start at the beginning of the row 1 pattern instead of counting along to compensate for the cast off stitches?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Welcome to KH!
As far as I can tell given the resolution of the photo, it looks like you should be following the same pattern on the sleeves as you’re following on the body of the cardi. If you’ve been following the 12 row repeat, continue it for the sleeve cap.

It also sounds like you’re calculating the correct place to pick up the pattern sequence but I find that the best way to work this is to count back from a recognizable part of the lace pattern (maybe a centered decrease for example). You definitely want the columns of knit or purl sts to line up as they have been. It doesn’t sound like starting with row 1 will do that.

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