Help please - round to straight needle conversion in cable pattern

Hello knitters,

I’m relatively new to knitting (and just learned how to cable) and now I want to knit this cool chunky knit cable hat. HOWEVER - I don’t actually know how to knit in the round or have a circular needle or double pointed needles in the right size so I want to convert the pattern into a straight needle pattern. Here is a part of the pattern that I need help with:

Rnds 1-5 - K1b, P1 to end (70 sts.)
Rnd 6-9 - K6, P4 to end
Rnd 10 - slip 3 sts. to cable needle and hold
in front of work, K3, K3 from cable needle,
P4 rep to end

You can find the full pattern here:

Thank you so much in advance for all your help.

Welcome to KH! Please edit your post to only include the part you need help with. It’s against copyright rules to post an entire pattern (unless it’s your own design).

To change it from circular to straight I would cast on a a few extra stitches and use those for seaming. The pattern is designed over 70 stitches so don’t include those two as part of the design.

Oh, I’m sorry,I’ll edit my post. But I wasn’t sure how to convert round to straight in this pattern because of the differences in how it’s worked (all on right side/RS,WS)


@Alice493 Oh… I did forget to address that. When you switch to flat you’ll need to purl or knit on the WS. Follow the stitches by knitting the knits and purling the purls and it should look good on the RS. Increases/decreases and cables will be done on the front.

I should note that I haven’t done this because I refuse to seam hats so I only knit in the round. :joy:

@Jan_in_CA Thanks so much, looking forward to starting (I need to get some wool now…) :relaxed: