HELP PLEASE- Rotate needle clockwise? huh?

I am a relatively new knitter, (less than a year) and I am attempting the gorgeous sock pattern- “Harika” in the new Twist Collective. In the pattern, it reads- With Needle 1, (k1 with B, p2 with A, k1 with
B, hold both yarns on left forefinger and rotate
right needle clockwise a full turn around work)
4 times, k1 with B, p1 with A.
Could someone please explain how I can rotate the needle clockwise? Won’t that torque the stitches? Is there a video that describes this somewhere? I’ve searched sites that I’m familiar with, but haven’t found an answer… I have a feeling that I am totally misunderstanding the directions…

Thanks to all in advance!
-garlanda (same name @ Ravelry)

Yes it will twist the sts and that’s what is wanted. You understood correctly.

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Okay… I am going to push on with this pattern… thanks very, very much!!! I have to say, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s what it’s all about- learning, right?

garlanda since you are knitting with two colors and two balls of yarn there needs to be away to “lock” the yarn together as you switch colors. You will twist the entire project, not just the needles, so you warp yarn “A” and “B” around each other once so they will hold each other in place.

I don’t think so. You usually don’t turn the whole needle around just to twist the 2 yarns around each other. If we had a link to a picture, I’m sure it would be more apparent.

Thanks for helping with my question… here’s the link-