Help please on knitting mistake. Newbie here.

Dropped stitch all the way to cast on edge. Too far to save it. Ladders quite stretched out probably because I’ve added too many stitches from my original count. This is really my first time holding a yarn and needle. Help me please. I am going crazy. LOL. Help much appreciated.

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Welcome to KH!
Your knitting is wonderfully neat with very even stitches. Very nicely done.
You could try grabbing that dropped stitch and laddering it up a couple of rows. Once you’ve gone as far as you reasonably can, tie off the stitch with a short strand of yarn. You can weave in the yarn ends into the adjoining sts. Pulling the knitting on each side and up and down will help redistribute the yarn and even out the sts here.
The other possibility is to take a sewing needle and thread, catch the dropped stitch and the stitches around the hole to pull the surrounding sts in and close up the hole.
What is it that you’re making?

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Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll make sure to do that carefully. This is a scarf for my dad. Can’t wait to try other patterns! Thanks again for the help! :blush:

Just my opinion…If that had happened to me I would have frogged the everything and started from scratch. Your stitches are so neat, it would take less time to rip it, and start over than to try to fix it. Just my opinion.

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You think so? But I’m half way done :frowning: noticed it late, I was enjoying too much. Thanks for the thought.

There’s nothing that can’t be saved … and a dropped stitch is the least of the many slips we all make. Remember this too: no one will be looking for your blips. The overall effect will be unsullied. One method is to pull the wool through to the back with with crochet hook and weave or tidy as best you can. Another is to make a feature of that area by a small appliqué - in this case since it’s a scarf, how bout initials bought or woven in with a contrasting colour? Don’t EVER despair. The best effects are often achieved, unexpectedly, by covering one’s mistakes.

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Hey that sounds like a great idea! Let me consider that as well. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

I agree with you Tifto; This is a great time to get creative. The scarf could be tied into a knot at each end, hiding the mistake. It could also be folded/hemmed and a fringe added. No one is going to be looking for mistakes. Enjoy what you are doing, Avaril, the scarf looks great.


Thanks for the suggestion Snowfleas! I won’t be too strict on myself lol