Help please. Knitting sweater sleeves in the round using magic loop

ok, I’m stuck. I’m knitting this adorable baby sweater. I have the body of the sweater done, and am trying to wrap my brain around doing the sleeves.

I don’t have any DPN’s (and couldn’t find any locally in the sizes I need), so using the video from here, I managed to knit a few rounds using Magic Loop :woohoo: I think I have a firm grasp on the Magic Loop concept… could see how it mimics DPN’s, etc. I have run into a bit of a problem, though… it seems to be knitting backwards? Or inside out, I guess. I’ve got stocking stitch inside my sleeves, and the garter looking ridges are on the outside. Should I be knitting them inside out, or am I doing something wrong somewhere?

And my other question is about placing a marker. The pattern calls for me to place a marker at the end of the first row, and it’ll be used later to show me where to make decreases. When watching the video on regular circular knitting, it’s obvious to me where the end of the first row is, but I’m having trouble envisioning, using ML, where to place the marker in order to have it travelling around properly. I hope that makes sense! :eyes:

The knit sts should be on the same side as the knit sts of the body. You probably picked them up inside out unless the purl sts of the body are also on the outside. If the sleeves and the body sides match up, then just leave it and finish up. If the sleeves are opposite the body sts, then you need to taken them out. Pick up the stitches with the right side facing you and start at the underarm with the stitches closest to you, not opposite you. The pictures on this page may help you reorient your knitting.

About the marker question… I would arrange the sleeves so that the decreases are in the middle of one half of the magic loop. There’s not a good way to place markers where the loop divides. Also, think of the similarity to socks on the ML.

Thank you sooo much! That link was really helpful… I needed to start with it inside out, so that my first round of knitting was starting off of the purl row in the sleeve.

Now, I’ve done 2 rounds and have to frog them again… now that I see your comment to start at the underarm… hoping that will eliminate the problem I currently have: a big gaping pile of loose stitches at the underarm LOL

Question: What would be the best way to start off my yarn for starting a sleeve? I’m having to start with a new skein, and I wonder if I’m doing it wrong since that beginning stitch is really loose no matter how hard I try and keep it tight.

Just leave a tail of 3-4" when you start picking up sts. It’ll be loose for a couple rounds, but won’t come out. Then when you’re finished, use it to close any gaps and weave it into the nearby stitches.

I would recommend picking up a few stitches in the underarm too, if you haven’t already gotten past that point. It’s been my experience that those underarm sleeve stitches get stretched out while you’re doing the body of the sweater, so that when you go back to do the sleeves it helps to pick up a few stitches in that stretched out area just to close up the gap. Then you can decrease back to the original stitch number.