Help please!! Joining sleeve issue

Heyy guys I was wondering if anyone can help me out I’m knitting

you are suppose knit the back piece flat then the sleeves in the round. Once that’s done, join them and keep knitting up… This may be stupid but I’m so confused on how to join the sleeves to just the back and then how to keep knitting after… Help please!!

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You have live sleeve stitches on the needle now and you’ve just finished a WS row. Knit across one sleeve (placing markers) then knit across the stitches of the back and finally knit across the sts of the second sleeve. That’s all you have to do to join. The join will be loose because it’s only one strand of yarn but as you work the yoke and raglan it’ll firm up.
Turn and purl the WS row and continue knitting flat working the decreases as given.
Thanks very much for the link to the pattern. Lovely.

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