Help please is it the pattern wrong or me?

Hi wrote in a while ago forgot to write something important…My original question said:

Hi everyone, good to be here…my name is Rosie and I am from Norfolk England…
I saw this website and thought someone could help me…
I have always knitted shawls for my grand children, always used the same pattern until my hubby decided I did not need it any more…
I have a beautiful pattern which is 2 ply and i find it difficult to work with…is there any way I can convert this 4 ply…do I adjust amount of stitches etc…if so does any body know how much?
The main piece in 2 ply pattern with 3 and 3 quarter needles I have to cast on 327 stitches
to which i cannot make sense of…how can 14 stitches go into 327 equally, well 326 as there is k1 at end…
Here is first row
(RS) - sL1K, P1, *K2tog, K3, yfwd, K1, yfwd K3, ssk, P1; rep from * to last st, K1
Can anyone help me as I would love to knit this in 4 ply
Kind Regards

I’m afraid I can’t help you with the yarn weight, since I don’t know plies as thickness very well. In my stash, I have a very bulky 2-ply yarn that knits up to 3 sts/inch, as well as a fingering weight yarn with at least 4 plies that works out at about 8 sts/inch. Someone more experienced than I am will have to help you out there.

Here’s how I see the pattern, though. It will repeat 27 times, because it is twelve stitches long, plus two stitches at the beginning and one at the end. I’m going to count to make sure.
K2tog - 2 sts.
K3 - 3 sts.
yfwd - doesn’t require a stitch to do, creates one to make up for the K2tog.
K1 - 1 st.
yfwd - still doesn’t require a stitch to do, this one is making up for the ssk that comes later.
K3 - 3 sts.
ssk - 2 sts.
P1 - 1 st.

Are you counting the yfwd as a separate stitch, perhaps?

yes I was counting forward yarn as a stitch…hah thank you very much for that.

I am thinking of just taking off about 36 stitches and having a go to see what size it comes out in 4 ply…

thank you