Help please, i'm sure this is obvious!

i’m hoping that someone could help me out. I haven’t really done much knitting for years but have recently found out that i’m pregnant so made a crazy decision to knit a shawl for the baby.

However, i’ve bought the wool, which is a lot more difficult to knit with than previous wool that i have used and the pattern, which looks pretty basic just has me confused!

can someone tell me exactly what i need to do with the following
K1 *yfwd, k1, s1, k2tog, psso, k1, yfwd, k1 rep from *

now i know yfwd means yarn forward but from where to where?
and i know psso is pass slipped stitch over but again i’m not sure what i’m meant to be passing it over

any help appreciated. Before my mind finally turns to mush with this pregnancy!:aww:

Thank You

OK, here goes my attempt:
K1 *yfwd, k1, s1, k2tog, psso, k1, yfwd, k1 rep from *
when you K1, this will put the yarn on the side of the knitting that is away from you. Bring the yarn forward, toward you, under the right needle; then slip 1 stitch. This, when you knit together the next 2 stitches, will result in a “yarn over.” Then take the stitch you slipped and pass it over the stitch which resulted when you knitted 2 together. Knit 1 more stitch, and bring your yarn forward (toward you, under the needles, as before), which will result in a “yarn over” when you knit the next stitch. See?

that’s great. i’ve been practising with some straightforward dk wool so i can see a bit better and i can see that pattern appearing so i’ll get the proper needles and just go for it i think!

Thank you again


Also, when you slip the stitch, make sure you slip it as if to purl, unless the patterns states otherwise, which it does not seem to do.

Best of luck with your baby shawl knitting and with the upcoming new arrival!

No, slip as if to knit when slipping for a decrease which a psso is.

Also, unless this is a typo with an extra k1 - " K1 *yfwd, k1, s1, k2tog, psso, k1, yfwd, k1 rep from *" - you would k1, yfd, (bring yarn to front, aka YO) k1, then slip 1, k2tog and pass the slipped st over the k2tog st.