HELP PLEASE I have been Given a Scarf Challenge and a pattern but don't know what materials to use.. HELP PLEASE

A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern)

Thank you all

If you mean “what kind of yarn” this looks like a pattern that could be knitted in many different kinds of yarn depending on what you like. The one shown looks like either DK or worsted weight. Needles need to fit the yarn, but once again, it’s a scarf so size is not very important so long as it fits the way you want.

As for how much, that would be a really rough guess. Most of the time, with a relatively small project like this, it would be less than 300 yards and maybe less than 200.

Great looking scarf. Even though this is a free pattern, please edit your post to remove most of the pattern. That way we won’t get into copyright problems. The link is perfect and gives us all the information.

I bought 3x loops and threads charisma 300 yaes and size US 13 circular needle. Also cable needle. Wish me luck and thank you so much for the help:woot:

Done. That you for the advice ad this is my first time posted.

the instructions say:
Slip first stitch, cross yarn over

Is “cross yarn over” the same as a regular yarn over?

So excited to start. Got my cast on. Lol

Wow! That’s a pretty scarf. Thanks for the link.

The pattern really should define “cross yarn over” which is not standard but yes, a yarn over will give you the increase. I would knit or purl it through the back loop since the pattern doesn’t show the holes that a simple yarn over would yield.

Is there a video for that type of yo? I have only done the standard yo
btw I have downloaded the app

It’s a standard yarn over but on the next row, knit or purl through the back loop to close up the hole. Here’s a video for knitting through the back loop into a stitch but the same idea works for a yarn over from the previous row.

PerfeCT. Wish me luck
thanks again.

Good luck, and we’re here if you get stuck anywhere :slight_smile: That’s a really pretty pattern and I’m going to cat on myself as soon as I get this forever-on-the-needles hat done.