HELP PLEASE! I have a hat that is in trouble! It is for a very special person for christmas!

I am knitting a hat for my boyfriend who has been asking for one since last year! It is a big surprise for him! This is my first project outside of a scarf and I have started this hat over at least 9 times. It is really pretty, but it has a big twist in it that won’t come out. It is wrapped around the circular needles. Do I have to start over? WHAT DO I DO?!!!

If it’s twisted the only thing to do is start over. To help prevent it from twisting you can do a few rows flat then join and knit in the round. You can use the tail from the cast on to seam up that little edge from knitting flat. The more you knit the easier it will be to keep from twisting, too. And don’t worry…we all twist the cast on occasionally. :wink:

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Thank you so much!!!