Help! please help!

My cat is sick. She won’t stop throwing up and she acts like shes gagging. If she eats she throws up the food. We found out that she drank some cleaning stuff from the toilet. I don’t know what to do to make her stop throwing up. I gave her a pill and 2 hours later she drank some water and started throwing up bile! What can I do to help her? ? Or how can I get her to keep her food down?:pout:

take her to the vet immidiately! It sounds like poisoning from the cleaning solution and if she doesn’t get medical attention ASAP this could be very, very bad.

This is something I would not try to fix on my own!

Good luck for you and your cat!

I know it’s late, but the best thing would be to call a vet. I looked through my cat book, and it says to take the cat in ASAP for something like that. At least if you talk to the vet, they might have a suggestion for you until you can bring her in.

I tried to take her to the vet and we live in a very tiny town so all the vets are closed on weekends. we called the vet she said to give her a pill(We did) And to wait until monday unless we wanted to spend $200 just for her to come in!

I wish I could offer better advice here, but I know for me I would spend the money and get her to a vet… You need to decide what you are willing to do for your pet.

I would place her in a room by herself with her litter, food and water and leave her be, since she is probably in some pain and discomfort (vomiting sure isn’t fun) Check on her every hour and offer some gentle petting, but otherwise try and leave her alone until you can get her to a vet. She’s probably really stressed out and not happy.

I hope your kitty is ok.

I agree!!! /she needs medical attention ASAP, are you sure she “drank” something and didn’t “eat” something? My first thought was a houseplant. I don’t know if cats will drink anything toxic, but I know for a fact they will nibble on dangerous house plants…What kind of pill did you give her? Wish I could too offer better advice…my thoughts are with you tonight…

The vet said to give her something for her stomach, I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s just something to sooth her stomach. And we saw her drinking out of the toilet the day before she got sick and realized today that we had put cleaning stuff in it.

I think you should take her to the emergency clinic. Be sure to take the container of the cleaning chemicals she may have ingested as the vet may want to look at it or call poison control. That may or may not be the cause of her symptoms (probably not, IMO), but just in case. Either way, it sounds like she is very sick and should be seen now.

Please, even if you drive to the next largest city, take your kitty to the emergency vet, if you value her life. She sounds like she is seriously ill, and vomiting may be saving her life by getting rid of the chemicals she drank.

I agree! Emergency vet is the best thing to do! We’ve had to do it on weekends, too and it is expensive, but if you love your kitty that’s all you can do!:hug:

Look around for an emergency clinic. It’s going to be a drive from nearly anywhere, and yes, it is going to cost a few hundred dollars, but she sounds really sick.

She has stopped throwing up, so we are going to take her to the vet tomorrow. She is keeping her water down but she won’t touch her food. I think she’s scared because she knows what happens when she eats. Let hopeCrossed Fingers

Just checking in…how’s your kitty doing?

Good. We think she just had a virus.

She is eating and drinking and using the litter box. We were checking her out today and it turns out she’s a boy! I picked out a name for him, Domino.

We didn’t end up taking him to the vet because he’s doing so much better. Thank you guys for your love and support!:muah:

I would still take him to the veterinarian and not take any chances. Pets cannot tell us what they did or how they feel so it is up to their person(s) to be there for them and your vet is the one to talk with and let him/her check out your fella. Good luck. It is so hard to see a pet ill, I know, been there a few times. There was a time, with one of our dogs, I asked the vet if he had a room he could rent me I was there so often.

I agree. Just a check up to make sure that everything is really OK. I’m glad he seems to be feeling better though.

Please take kitty to the vet, please.

Now you REALLY have to take him, don’t want that awful odor around.

Glad Domino is better. I take it he’s black and white? We had a cat with that color scheme we called Bijou, so did the next door neighbors and the folks who moved in across the street. A bunch of old time black and white movie lovers.

I am glad to hear he is doing better.

I’m glad he’s doing better! Like the others, I really encourage you to take him to the vet and have him checked out. I’ve had cats forever, and one thing I’ve learned about them, is that sometimes they can be ill and they are excellent and hiding it. You won’t know until they are really sick, and then it could be too late. It might have been a virus, and it might be something underlying that’s really making him ill and could flare up again. Vets can be costly, but worth it…and a lot of them will make arrangements. You could also thing about pet insurance. I actually got my cat on PetsBest. It costs about 35 a month and covers EVERYTHING–including annual shots, visits, and if she got really sick with cancer or something like that.

Give Domino lots of petting for me!