Help please! first time knitter

Today is my first time knitting, ever. I watched the video on long tail cast on and I think I have that down pat but I can’t get how to make another row of stitches. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if there is an easy pattern or something that is recommended for a first time knitter, that would be great too :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Hi Tiffany,
I am just starting out too and am working on my first piece. I was looking for help and just found this site today. It explains it perfectly!! As far as looking for a pattern I found a bunch online. Just look under “easy pattern” and it will pop up with a bunch of patterns including many that are free!

Did you watch the videos for “knit”. I think that shows how to do the knit stitch.

There is another free online source of patterns called knittingpatterncentral There are all sorts of patterns of all degrees of difficulty. You could also try yarn sites for patterns–like Lion Brand, Patons, Berroco, Bernat. I don’t know what they have but probably something.

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After you CO, put the needle into your left hand and the empty needle into the right. Insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left, wrapt the yarn around it, and pull it back through. Then let the old stitch drop off the left needle and keep the new stitch on the right needle. Repeat.

Besides looking at the knit video, watch the one on Demo of a Small Project. That takes you from cast on to knitting a few row and the bind off.

This is great!

I’m a new knitter also. The others have given you all the basics, but if you want a patter close to home, try the pattern’s section in the forum. There is also a pattern section on the site itself, and they have some easy things to knit. Hope I helped and welcome!

Two other places for patterns: They have hundreds of free patterns. If you haven’t joined already, you should! This is a knitting/crocheting networking site and not only do they have free patterns, but most of the time, you can see how they turned out for others who made them, and they often post notes about issues they ran into. You do have to sign up to get an invite to the site, and it takes a few days. But it’s worth it. (My understanding is they do it this way so their server won’t get bogged down.)

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Thanks a bunch and I wish you good luck on your knitting endeavors too!

Thanks a bunch and I wish you the best in your knitting endeavors!