Help please, cant remember

i have started this scarf few months ago, and now i cant remember my steps/stitches

could someone please help

I’ll assume you don’t have/can’t remember the name of the pattern.

If you turned the scarf 90degrees and took a closer picture, we might be able to work out the stitch pattern for you.

ur more than right

i have searched around for the pattern in my usual places (where i normally get ideas) but i obviously failed

thank you for trying to help

It looks like one repeat of a Feather and Fan stitch - k2tog twice, (yo, k1) 3 times, yo ssk (or k2tog) twice. This takes 11 sts, there may be a couple edge sts in there.

ur absolutely right it was the feather and fan pattern


Very Good !!! lol

That’s our Sue! She can figure out just about anything (as can several other regular posters here). Way to go, Sue!