Help Please... can't get past casting on!

:shrug: I feel so hopeless at the moment. I’ve been watching videos and reading diagrams all evening and I can’t get past casting on. I’m not even sure I am doing that properly. This is my first try, so I guess I am doing okay, but I am getting so frustrated.

My biggest question for the moment is: When casting on, should the tale (non-working end) be what I am using to cast on, or should I be using the working yarn? Does that make sense?

I am not sure if i understand what you mean but when i am casting on, I make sure the “tail” yarn (the short end not the end coming from the skein) is towards me and what is coming over my thumb. This is coming from someone who holds the needle in her right hand and the yarn in her left when she casts on. this will make sure your tail keeps getting shorter.

So when I cast on, I am supposed to use the tail yarn instead of the yarn from the skein?


Should the tail be on the left or right of this after I cast on? I am so confused. I had a friend that was supposed to show me how to do this and then she dissappeared so I started looking for videos and diagrams. I think I might just stop before I pull my hair out and get a book tomorrow… or get out my crochet hook.

Here’s another site that helped me out when I was first knitting and needed more than the videos. I printed out the pages as I needed them.

Learn to knit
Lion Brand - Learn to knit

You begin a cast on by making a slip knot. The placement of the slip knot depends which CO you use. If it’s a long tail, you put it some distance away from the end of the yarn. If it’s a knitted or cable cast on, you put it a few inches away from the end. Look at the casting on videos at this site and maybe that will help you figure it out.


I’ve got the knitted cast on and I can’t seem to get the long-tail. I’ve discovered that I was casting on correctly, but I just cant seem to get that second row done. It looks like a jumbled mess. I’ve watched most of the begining videos on this site about four or five times :wink: lol I will check out the lion brand website too! thanks all!

Jan! That site helped so much. I am at 3 rows of 16 stitches-- I figure a scarf is in order for my starting project-- lol–

I am so tired and I am afraid that if I stop now, I won’t remember what I am doing in the morning lol :oops:


Oh good! The videos are great, but sometimes you just need some very clear pictures to completely understand.

Just keep practicing with the knit stitch and then learn the purl stitch. Once you learn those you can do almost anything. One thing I suggest though is do not rip out your knitting if you get a few wonky stitches. Just keep going, it will get better. If you have more questions you know where we are. :wink: