Help Please! Blocking Acrylic?!

Good Morning!

I am working a pattern from the caron website…

My question/problem is that somehow I am going to have to block this thing. The instructions say to block if necessary so I know there has got to be a way. I have read about just washing and drying it, and I’ve also read about “killing” it. I’m not sure which option would be best for this project. Any insight would be much appreciated.

There are 2 photos of what i have so far - it kind of gives you an idea of how it is curling/getting wavy.


It doesn’t seem like it’s actually curling that much, so wash and dry it in the dryer which can relax the sts and even them out. After that you can lightly steam the edges if you feel like they need it. Killing acrylic is oversteaming it too hot or for too long, and you have to be real careful so it doesn’t make it too limp.

You also don’t want to dry it for too long or at too high of a heat setting. I think that after it is washed and dried it will probably be fine.

If you’re going to block it do it gently.

Oh, I didnt know acrylics needs to be blocked !!
And does-it works ?

Even blocking wool doesn’t have to be anything more than wash and dry, you just do it according to the fiber. That’s really all you need to do with most knits; if edges curl then you can pin and steam for both kinds of yarn, just not too hot.

Does it work? That seems to be the unanswerable question. :mrgreen: If it’s not unanswerable then at least it pops up often enough to count as just about and we agree to disagree as to whether or not it even needs doing. In my experience, if the stitches aren’t too uneven as they were when I first started knitting, they’ll even out in the wash. To see if things are too uneven to even out in the wash, I have given a few synthetic knits a bit of steam before I decided to frog. I’ve crocheted lots of blankets and never attempted blocking in large part because when you are wrapped up in a blanket watching TV if a bit of unevenness is a problem, you don’t want a blanket from me. If I were entering a competition which BTW I’ve never done, then blocking might make more sense. Sometimes I strive for perfection, usually good enough is good enough for me. For others that’s not so, I respect their skills and ability to produce items as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

I work with acrylics exclusively, due to hubby’s allergies, and I’ve never blocked anything. I’ve made baby blankets, hats, scarves, sweaters, afghans, etc…and haven’t blocked a single one.

Once you’ve finished your blanket (which is coming along beautifully btw), you could do something to even things out or just decided to leave it the way it is. Sometimes my projects curl/turn up while I’m working on them and then smooth out after bind-off. You never know how things will turn out.

My suggestion is to take a look at it after you’ve finished. Lay it out on your bed or other large flat surface to see how it’s draping. Then decide what you want to do.

hth, knitcindy