Help picking up stitiches for a blanket

I’m currently working on a baby blanket, I have finished the center square (working with a round needle) and I’m ready to pick up the stitches along the edges to start the border or the blanket in the round. Since its my first time picking up stitches, I am really confused as to how to do it and I haven’t found a helpful youtube video for my situation.

The pattern says “Using working end of yarn and with Right Side facing, pick up 120 stitches along the adjacent side of square. Remove waste yarn from provisional cast on to pick up 120 stitches along bottom. Pick up additional stitches along fourth side, for a total of 480 stitches on your needle.”

Note that the stitches I have to pick up are seed stitches and I am using a 4mm round neddle.

I would appreciate your help !!!

Hi and welcome!
I find it’s easier to mark off small segments of the edge and pick up sts within the segments rather than try to pick up all 120 on one go. Fold the blanket in half and mark the halfway point. Then fold each half in half and mark the halfway point. That’ll give you 4 sections in which to pick up 30sts each. You might even mark off each of these sections so that you have 8 sections total and then pick up 15sts per section. It’s just easier to estimate this way.
Here’s a video for picking up sts that may help with the technique.

Does you pattern have you do anything special at the corners? Usually you need to pick up extra sts or increase at the corners to keep the edging flat.
What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?