Help picking colours for fair isle

I’m driving myself nuts. I bought the book for “Autumn Rose” by Eunny Jang. The colours in the jumper don’t really suit me, so I decided to substitute in a different colour scheme. Yellow and orange make me look jaundiced and I didn’t fancy brown either. I spent ages fiddling with photoshop using a grid and colouring it in one square at a time and produced about 8 possible colour combinations. I found it difficult to get the "Right " colours of the wool available. I bought the shade card and thought that some of my ideas wouldn’t work as some of the shades wouldn’t look good together. So I decided to search the internet to see if there was any computer programme that would do this better than me, or if there are any “rules” and aside from finding a general colour wheel I have drawn a blank.
In the pattern 5 shades of yellow and yellowy brown are the backgound colours, I can’t seemto get 5 shades of another colour pale enough not to dominate the pattern and that go with each other and the other dominant colours.
The pattern calls for Jamieons which is £2.60 a ball. I have found another company in the Shetlands calledJamieson’s and Smith which are actually a differant company with a similar name that sell similar wool with slightly longer yardage for £1.69 so I have their shade card.
Apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes, I’m in a rush as I will have to persuade my cat to get in his pet carrier for the vets and I have no-one to help me at home at the minute.

I have driven myself crazy more than once with the same thing, so I feel your pain.

My only suggestion might be to find a sweater with colors that you like, and use those in your sweater.

I’ve used the Jamieson & Smith yarn for my fairisle sweaters and I love it. It’s not soft off the ball, it’s wool after all, but it knits up so beautifully and the colors are just wonderful. Even my oldest knits with this yarn still look new.

Yeah the colours I normally wear are red, green, blue and green, it’s just getting the shades and combinations right!