HELP - pattern terminology

Hi, I am just starting to knit and have chosen to to a sirdar all in one baby suit with snuggly snowflake chunky wool.

I understand basic knitting stitches but the pattern reads:

working in st-st proceed as follows:
work 4 rows inc 1 st at the end of every row.
Place markers at the end of last row.
13 sts.
Work 14 rows more without shaping.

I understand the st-st and working the next 4 rows, but i am totally lost for what to do when i get to the line about the markers, also it says ‘without shaping’ but i didnt think i had done any shaping?


The shaping comes from the 1 stitch increase at the end of the 4 rows.

Markers are little circles that slip on your needle to help you keep track of your pattern. You can also make a slip knot using a small piece of contrasting color yarn as your marker. In a pinch, I’ve even used a twist tie.

“Without shaping” means that you aren’t increasing or decreasing your stitch count in any way, just knitting on the 13 stitches that are now on your needle.

I started by casting on 5 stitches, so the extra st at the end of each row, do i put 2 stitches into the final stitch before pulling it off the needle it was on? Also if i had 5 st and add 1 st 4 times i end up with 9 st total, so not sure why it says 13 sts.


Could it be that you are supposed to increase 1 st at BOTH ends of those 4 rows? That would be 8, which would give you 13 sts, total. As for the markers-- I don’t quite get that-- place marker[B][U]S[/U][/B] at the end of last row. I think they must mean plural, ENDS of last row. Unless there’s more to the directions, it probably means that you are marking off where you stopped shaping. So you would need the kind that latches onto the stitches, instead of the ring type. You can use safety pins for that, or tie on a piece of contrasting thread into the stitch, or they make a plastic kind that is sort of like a short, squat safety pin. But if you just place a ring type at the end of the row, it’ll just fall off of your needle. What is the name of the pattern, exactly?

Yes, probably increase at both ends of every row. The marker you’re going to use here isn’t one that you put on the needle. You need a removeable one, or just another piece of yarn, around the end sts on the last row you do the incs on so you have a landmark you can count the following rows from.