Help! Pattern Shawl


I am very anxious to knit this beautiful vintage shawl pattern, “Harmony Shawl”, but I am having so much trouble with the pattern instructions (attached)
I was wondering if anyone has done this specific pattern before and if so, could you please help me with it.
Or… can someone just please help me with the pattern, specifically rows 5 & 6. Perhaps even posting a YouTube video of the actual knitting. That works be great!

Thank you.

In row 5 the directions want you to wrap the yarn around the needle 3 times when you make each stitch. The purpose is to create elongated sts with extra yarn in them for the slip sts in row 6.
On row 6, slip a stitch to the right hand needle, dropping 2 of the yarn overs in that stitch. You’ll have one elongated stitch on the right hand needle. Repeat this until you have 6 sts on the right needle. You’re not knitting these sts, just slipping them to the right needle.
Now you want to change the position of the sts so that you can slip them back to the left needle in a new order. Instead of 654321 on the right needle, the sts will be in the order 321654. Finally, knit thses 6 elongated sts onto the right needle as usual.

Okay. That gives me a better picture of how to do it.
I just have a few more questions:

Q1: the part where it says “sl last 3 sts on the left needle (thus twisting sts)”, that’s just basically creating the total of the 6 sts to crisscross rather than twist, right?

Q2: after dropping the yarn overs and slipping the 6 stitches back to the left needle causes the stitches to be very loose; any tips on how to keep them from being so loose?

Q3: the 6 stitches to knit says to k6 sts picking up back loop of each one - is that the same as knitting through the back loop or (KTBL)? I’ve seen a couple of different techniques for that so i dont know which one to apply. Do you have a tutorial or video of the method that is to be used in this pattern?

I think I got it now, but any chance anyone with more knitting experience willing to do a video of them doing that pattern?

  1. Yes this sounds like the criss cross.
  2. You need these sts to be loose even though they seem too messy. That’ll all straighten out as you work the other pattern rows.
  3. It’s a ktbl like this

Thank you so much. You’ve been very helpful!

I feel a lot more confident in tackling this project again. So I will attempt to start this knitting project again tonight.

I do have one last question though…
what needles would you say are better to use for this specific project: longer/shorter, plastic, aluminum, wood, etc.?
When I used the regular size needles, I noticed that once I knitted the 84 stitches, they were a bit crowded; and when I did the YOs’, it got worse.

Thank you.

You definitely don’t want the sts crowded; it makes knitting such a chore.
I use circular needles for just about everything, 30-42 inches long.
Composition of the needles is a personal preference, and even that can change with different projects and yarn. Try different kinds to see which you like best.

So I’ve been working on the knitting project and am not doing so well
with it. I do believe I am working the right stitches/technique as you
explained and I did get it. I actually found it to be easier than what
I thought.
However, I completed the first series of the pattern and those
stitches are just so loose and messy, they look terrible. At one
point, the loose stitches were getting tangled up with other stitches.
I had to stretch the stitches out just to see the pattern forming.
I’ve started the 2nd pattern repeat, but think I should just stop
cause I do not see it tightening up. Any suggestions?

Like knitting lace, blocking this stitch pattern will probably even it out. Lace usually looks rather jumbled until it’s blocked and then the stitch pattern fully emerges.
You might try knitting a smaller swatch with some scrap yarn, pinning it out to open up the pattern, spraying with water and leaving to dry. That’ll give you a better idea of whether this will work.
Are you using wool, acrylic or a blend of fibers?

I’m using acrylic. And I have never done blocking.
Perhaps instead of 10 size needles I should use 8?

You could try that or at least try a 9. Did you get the tension or gauge given for the pattern with the 10s?
The other thing that might help is to pull down on the cast on edge to straighten out the sts and take up some of the slack.

I did try pulling down on the cast on edge, but that didn’t work.
And I didn’t check the gauge either.
I’m going to try using the smaller size needles and see if that works.
Thanks again for all your help.
You truly are very helpful and prompt with your responses. By far one of the best resources I’ve [I]actually[/I] had the pleasure of using. And I say that because I’ve used other resources and they were nowhere near as good or courteous as you have been. I really appreciate that. THANK YOU!

Thank you. Hope the change in needle size does it. It’s a very lovely shawl.