Help pattern reading


I hope you can help. I am working with a knitting chart for the first time and I am having a bit of trouble getting my head around it.

I am working on this cable knit cushion:

and I just want to know which way to read the pattern. It says:

Knitted panel
Row 1: work Row 1 from Chart working rep three times.
Row 2: work Row 2 from Chart working rep three times
Cont working as set until Chart is complete.

So I understand this as work the pattern from left to right and then go back and repeat the red section three times on the same row of stitches. Or should it be right to left?

But then I get really stuck. Having worked Right to Left on the first row, do I then go left to right for the ws on the second row? But then do I do the red section three times first then the section not in red?

Finally on the second ws row I come across a RS 2/2 RPC where I have to use a cable needle. This is fine, but should I only be doing this on the RS, rather than the WS I am working on?

Please help a novice knitter!



Work the chart right to left on the RS rows (odd number rows) starting at the bottom right. Work left to right on the WS rows (even number).
All the cable crosses seem to me to be on the RS rows.

Thanks, was working from the top, not the bottom which could have been the problem!

I will revisit and fingers crossed it will make sense this time,

Thanks for your help,