HELP - Pattern from DPNs to Straights

I have a pattern for the Composed Mitts, and I want to find out if it’s easy to switch from a pattern for DPNs to Straight needles. It looks like an ordinary pattern - and rather than knitting in the round, would I just go back and forth from left to right or right to left?

It looks knitted in the round, but of course you can knit it flat on straight needles and sew it together…

When you change a pattern that’s knitted in the round to knitted flat, you have to work the ws rows opposite of what the pattern says.

So let’s say row 1 is a RS row, for row 2 and all even rows, you’d work the directions and stitches opposite of how they’re written.
Start at the end of the row and purl the knits and knit the purls.