Help-pattern for doll cardigan

It is a Daisy-May knitting pattern for an 8-inch doll (ginnette)
Knitted in one piece to sleeves.
When knitting dividing row, when do I cut yarn to armholes?
I just carried yarn over, but doesn’t look right.
I am trying to find more info on knitting in the round (which I have done),
but not a sweater. Then it goes to right back (working on 1st set of 13 sts.
Pattern no. 239 -any help would be appreciated. Do not think I will like steeking either.

You can’t give us the whole pattern but you can post a line or two. What are the exact directions for the dividing row? Usually there’s a bind off for the armholes and then front and back are knit separately.

I wanted to keep it short as possible.
Jumper (U.K.?)
First cast on 52 then rib 4 rows.
Change to & work 12 rows starting with a k. row.
DIVIDE row-Cast on 2 sts. k these 2 sts. then k11. cast off 4 k22 cast of 4, k11, casting on 2 sts. at the end of this row.So far so good.
Then it goes to Right Back on 1 set of 13 sts. ok-
After knitting these 13 sts. for 6 times + 1st row again
It is the next row where I don’t know - cast off 6 sts. k. to end. leave rem 7sts. on a pin. FRONT rejoin yarn to 22 sts. Then st. st. 9 rows. next row k8. Cast off 6, k.8 Then shoulders etc., Where does working yarn go? Do I cut it after ? or just keep going with yarn without cutting.

Cast off 6sts, k to end, leave the remaining 7sts on a holder or scrap yarn. Cut the working yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later.
Join a new end of yarn to the front 22sts. You can do this by just holding the tail of the working yarn alongside the left-hand needle and starting to knit.
Same will go for the front. Once you’ve finished knitting the shoulders, cut the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail and then work the left back.

Thank you so much!