Help pattern driving me crazy!

Hi everybody,

I’m having trouble interpreting a pattern. It says -

Inc row - K to first stitch marker, inc 9 sts across, sl marker k to next marker .

Do I knit to the stitch before the marker, inc by 9 sts and then slip the marker stitch?


That seems like a typo. I think you would inc 9 sts on the sts between the markers. What’s the pattern? It always helps if you can link to it or at least a picture. Or tell us what you’re making and what part this is.

Here’s link to the pattern. Thanks for replying.

If I was reading that, I would slip the marker and then space out my increases between the markers.

Yes, it’s an increase 9sts in the first section before the marker [I]evenly[/I] across the 28sts (so increase about every 2-3 sts). Increase 8sts [I]evenly[/I] across the middle 60 sts (so increase about every 6-7 sts) and for the last section, it’s again an increase of 9sts evenly across 28sts.