Help- Pattern decreases

I am working on my first project, a hat for my son. I have made up my own pattern but I have no idea how I should decrease the rows to finish off the hat. I’m knitting it in the round, I have 65 stitches. Any ideas would be great! Thanks

Dec just one st somewhere, then you can do k6, k2tog 8 times around, knit a round plain, then k5, k2tog 8 time, knit a round, k4, k2tog, 8 times, then knit around. I think you would do a couple more dec rounds - k3, k2tog, then k2, k2tog - then skip the plain round and finish with k1, k2tog, and another round of k2tog. Then you would have 16 sts and can either k2tog again, or draw the tail through the sts on the needle like a drawstring to finish up.