Help - pattern confusing!

I am currently in the process of finishing up a small triangular kerchief with 4-st I-cord ties and am rather confused by the instructions given in the pattern for how to attach the ties to the main body of the piece, which is left on the circular needle it was knit on. The I-cord is worked from the end of one tie across the bottom edge of the triangle (the front edge of the kerchief, which has not been bound off yet) and out to the end of the second tie. The pattern reads:

Change to smaller-size dpn, join yarn, and CO 4 sts. Work I-cord for 10 inches (25.5 cm). Do not bind off.
Attach the I-cord to the 87 live kerchief sts on the main needle - k3, k2tog (one I-cord st and one live st from kerchief) and slide sts to opposite end of circular needle as when making I-cord with dpns. Repeat - until all live kerchief sts have been attached to the I-cord and four I-cord sts remain on the smaller circular needle.

I’m really confused. I know the I-cord is continued across the front of the kerchief, but I’m really unclear as to how the process works. Any help anyone could give me here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You’re continuing the i-cord along the live edge of the kerchief so you’ll knit three, (which will continue to form the i-cord) then knit one stitch along with one of the live stitches along the edge of the kerchief.

Don’t forget to keep sliding the stitches to the other end of your needle once you’ve knit two together so that your i-cord continues to be produced.

It’ll make sense if you just follow the instructions.