Help! p2 yo / yo p2

K1 tbl, p2, yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, p2] around.
I don’t understand the p2 then yo. As the first st is p2, the working yarn is at the front, do i rap the yarn over the needle or move the working yarn to the back?

Also, yo p2?

Help is needed.
thank you

Hi Knitwit,

Yeah, with a series of directions like that, it can get confusing. You just have to visualize where your yarn is & what will make it have an extra loop over your needle before the next stitch.

With the first one, p2, yo, ssk, after you’ve purled 2, your yarn is in front. If you leave it in front, do the slip, slip, when you knit those 2 together (with the yarn in front), that action will create the yarn over!

With the second, k2tog, yo, p2, after you’ve knit the 2 together, yarn is in back, so you’ll need to bring the yarn front between the needles, over the top to the back, and back between the needles again to create the yo before purling the next two together.

Hope this helps. :wink:

thanks Diane, I tried it three times and frogged it three times and about to give up.
I undertsand it better now as I think I was creating more yarn overs than required and extra sts.

I will have another go tonight and hope I will get this right!!

thanks again :muah:

Some people also believe that a YO includes a k stitch after it. It doesn’t, it’s just putting the yarn over the needle. Just in case that’s the reason for your extra stitches…


i got a little confused about the p st followed by a yo but with help from you guys…its working out fine

OOOOOOOOOOOOH, it’s gorgeous!!!

Good for you! :cheering:

Wristwarmers? Socks?


gee thanks…they’re socks. the flash didn’t come on so it looks dark!