Help out a Doctor Who fan!

I’m about to start knitting my own fourth doctor scarf (reeeeeeally long, i know), but from all the instructions I read online, I’m a bit confused… I think it’s mostly because english is not my native language and some kitting terms I still don’t understand.

Here’s the instructions I’ll be using (came from the BBC itself).

What I don’t understand is when it says “in plain knitting, always slip the first stitch” and then it tells how many rows to knit in each colour.

I think that “plain knitting” is knitting but not altering patterns, could it be? But what does “slip the first stitch” mean?

Thanks everyone in advance!


Plain knitting is defined in various contradictory ways but here it means: garter stitch. Knit every row. That has the benefit of creating a scarf which won’t curl but will lie flat instead.
Slip the first stitch of the row means let the first stitch slide from the left needle to the right needle without knitting it.
This is slipping purlwise as in this video:

Quite a project! Enjoy.

I just saw this message for the first time. If you are still needing help with the Doctor Who scarf, I just finished one. I would be happy to help if you still need it.

The instructions are very simple. Slip the first stitch of every row to the other needle without knitting it, then knit the rest of the stitches on that row. Every row is knit; there are no purl stitches.