Help on vest pattern

I’m making my first vest, and I don’t understand how to shape the shoulders. The vest is made in one piece, except you sew the shoulders. The pattern states: “Bind off at each arm edge (4 sts) twice, then (3) once. Bind off remaining (16) stitches for back neck”. Now, there’s only 38 stitches total, so am I bounding off all these stitches? By the time I bind all these off, that’s all 38 stitches. Maybe I’m binding off the wrong edges–I don’t understand. Can someone explain this to me? I guess I’ve been struck by a “dumb stick”!



You’re supposed to end up with all the stitches bound off. Doing it in steps shapes the shoulders.

So, you’re saying that I just bind off all these stitches at one time? I don’t bind off one edge, go all the way to the other edge, and then bind off in the middle, do I? Sounds complicated to me.


No, eventually you will have all the stiches bound off.

What you do is at the beginning of the next row–

bind off 4 and work to the end.

Bind of 4 at the beginning of the next row and work to the end.

Repeat the above two rows.

Then bind off 3 and the beginning of the next two rows, the same way as above.

At this point you should have 16 stitches left on the needle. Bind them off.

Thanks Ingrid, now this makes more sense. I told you I’ve been hit with a “dumb stick”. Just didn’t make sense to me.


When I was learning how to knit, there was no computer, etc. I found that just doing exactly what the pattern said was what I needed to do. Understanding came after I saw how it all turned out.