Help on understanding jumper pattern!

Hi Everybody,

I am fairly new at knitting and this is probably going to be such an obvious solution to advanded knitters like yourself.

My jumper pattern goes like this, Oh and I am working on the back:

Shape Back Neck
***Cont on these 20 sts. Dec one st at neck edge in every row until 15 sts rem. Work 1 row.

Shape Shoulder
Cast off 8 sts at beg of next row. Work 1 row. Cast off rem 7 sts. ***With wrong side facing, join yarn to rem sts. Rep from *** to ***, working 1 row less before shoulder shaping.

First question: Which side is the neck edge???

Second question: If I has only 15 sts remaining and cast all these off I don’t understand why it is telling me to join yarn to rem sts and repeat steps.

Thanks for your help in advance, much appreciated!!!


[COLOR=Blue][B]Neck edge[/B] is next to/closest to the neck…as opposed to the armhole or outside edge.

[COLOR=Red][B]SHOULDER SHAPING: [/B]When you are working the BACK…you will work/bind off [U]each shoulder by themselves[/U], one at a time. The first shoulder…then the other shoulder. To get over to the other shoulder, you will have to reattach the yarn over there.

Wait til you get there. You’ll get it!