Help on toe of toe-up scok

I have knit the first half of the toe of the sock and now have 8 stitches on my needle.

The pattern reads:

Row 3: Purl (ok easy enough)
Row 4: Pick up and knit 1st stitch from first half of toe, knit to end, pick up and knit 1 stitch from first half of toe (huh?)

Anyone explain this to me very cleary (since I am apparently dense)? Or link me to a tutorial with diagrams or pics?

My sock and I thank you!

What kind of toe are you making?

I’m making the fishnet stockings in the winter 2007 Knit.1. They did not name the toe.

I started with 28 stitches (on a provisional CO) and decreased on every knit row at both sides until I had 8 sts left on the needle. Then it says to work the second half of the toe with the directions in my previous post.

I have googled, but not come up with a toe like this yet in my search.


Well that sounds interesting… it’s like you’re making a little trapezoid and then turning around at the top of it to make a another trapezoid in the other direction – you need to pick up a stitch from the edge of the first trapezoid for every new row of the second trapezoid so that they’ll be connected. When you’re done, you’ll end up with a little pocket, and you’ll start working in the round by continuing across your provisional stitches. I wonder why they don’t just have you start in the round from the top and work increases at the edges – seems like you’d get a similar shape, and it would be easier to do, no? :shrug: Maybe someone else is more familiar with this kind of toe…