Help on some instructions!

Hi everyone, I’m knitting a sock monkey and i don;t understand what some of the instructions are telling me to do.

These are the instructions for making the legs.

5th rnd: K2. Inc 1 st in next st. Rep from * around. 24 sts.
Knit 8 rnds even. Break A. With MC, knit in rnds for 5 ins
[12.5 cm].
* Leave sts on a length of yarn.

What does the “[B]Leave sts on a length of yarn[/B]” mean?
Am i suppose to cast off?

Thanks a lot.

No, don’t cast off. You are knitting your stitches onto a piece of waste yarn – basically, another piece of yarn to hold your stitches until you need to use them again at a later point in your pattern.

It’s a lot like putting your yarn on a stitch holder only you use a piece of scrap yarn (preferably a contrasting color so you can see your stitches better.)

Don’t ‘knit’ your sts onto the other yarn - use a crochet hook or darning needle to thread the scrap yarn through the sts.