Help on RS of pattern

Hi all - I’ve got back into knitting after 20+ years!

I’m knitting a pattern which is ribbed, 6 knit 6 purl, and then 6 purl 6 knit on the next row. It says to continue for 15cm, ending on a RS (Right-Side) row

Which is the RS row? It’s ribbed both sides, and either could be the right-side! I’m assuming that I need to finish with an odd-numbered row - am I correct?


The RS row is the one you want to show to the public. The WS would be the inside or back. Since you are knitting a reversible stitch it could be either side so choose one and then put a marker on it (like a safety pin) and then you’ll know for sure when you do whatever comes next.

Great - that’s nice and easy