Help on "ridge" of picked up stitches

I am making a felted bag out of beautiful Lana Grossa Colore yarn. It is sort of a hobo-shaped bag; I got the pattern when I purchased the yarn from a shop at a Stitches event, but the pattern doesn’t show a picture.

The pattern starts by working a flat piece for the bottom, then working around the side edges by picking up stitches to start working the body of the bag in the round. I have followed the directions well, and have completed the bottom and increases around the diameter. I am now happily working the knit rows of the body as I watch my bag grow.

My problem is that I keep looking back at the bottom of the bag with the nagging fear (hopefully, unfounded) that I must have made an error when I picked up the stitches on the two short sides. There is a ridge-like edge where the perpendicular directions of knit meet; ie the bottom is comprised of horizontal knit rows, and the right-angle sides (the sides I picked up) are vertical knit rows. Is this slight ridge where the two meet normal? I have never picked up stitches before so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I watched both of Amy’s videos on picking up stitches, and feel fairly sure I did the stitch pick up correctly, but don’t know how the work should look on the picked up side.

Also, will this edge eventually smooth out and disappear when I felt the bag in my machine?

Any comments appreciated.

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Anyone have any advice for me on this :?: